Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Video Conference Is An Affordable And Reliable Communication Technology

By Jeremy Winters

The video conference is a cutting-edge technology that allows face-to-face communication from just about any place in the world without the need to travel. It enables real time exchange of video and audio using high-definition camera, microphones, computers, or tv monitor. Fast broadband width delivers the primary component needed for excellent voice and image streaming. The technology is applicable not just for conversations but in addition to share any type of document or application. The interface method is considered attractive to the financial, health, business, and educational sectors.


Telepresence conferencing facilitates carrying out an actual meeting with people located in different geographical areas. It involves the use of high-definition audio and flat panel large size monitors that give a virtual feel of a group meeting. The other inexpensive variety is integrated room system which is increasingly favored in board or class rooms with a number of participants. The actual hardware is positioned in a centralized area while the setup that comprises of key camera and monitors is installed in the discussion area.

Alternatively, there are desktop video conference systems preferred by small businesses or for individual use at home. It helps to provide full-motion audio and video conferencing from the personal computer. Similarly, you can find set top units developed to be placed on a screen. It's extremely portable and may be rolled around on a cart from room to room.


In order to schedule a meeting, a person will initially have to hold an account with suppliers like Skype, Adobe, Cisco, or Tandberg. Your account details can be accessed at the provider's web site wherein information related to participant names, discussion start and end time has to be added. After this, emails can be sent to invitees to take part in the meeting. The conference room web site can also be provided for members to participate in the conversation as a complete group. For more privacy, a special password might be created for members to enter the details prior to gaining access to the conference.


This communication technology is uncomplicated and can be employed for business or personal needs at any time of the day or night. It permits faster interaction with one or even more individuals from diverse sites on one issue. It's far more efficient than phone calls and enables participants to record live conversations for future use. This technology helps businesses to conserve time and eradicate travel expenses to a large extent.

Apart from this, it helps firms to promote goods and services from the comfort of sitting in an office. It is additionally effective to have web based training or conduct interviews avoiding the requirement to recruit additional staff. Furthermore, it is beneficial for customers to obtain replies on different queries without having any time lag. It can therefore be deemed that the video conference is definitely a cost effective means of communication.

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