Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Uses For The Video Security System

By Pam Strive

Unfourtualty, burglary and theft are becoming far too common nowadays. With the current Video Security Systems and its advanced technology, which are available, it is now possible to see everything that occurs in and around the premises, and in the surrounding areas. Video Security Systems, which also go by the name "CCTV", have in the past, mostly been used only by government agencies to monitor the behavior of the people on the streets, in shopping malls, and virtually anywhere, where you have a camera.

Now, Video Security Systems also help individuals to protect themselves from any possible harm that could be caused by a stranger. Also, these surveillance systems help the police to identify a person, in case of any illegal activity. For example, if a store is equipped with a complete video security system, when someone tries to rob the store, the person can easily be identified with the help of these security devices, unless of course the person wears a mask or something. But even then, it still provides enough evidence against the wrong doer.

The word "surveillance" is derived from a French word, which translates as "watching over". Today there are many high definition Video Security Systems that are available, which take the video in a high resolution, so that nothing will be blurred. In the past the traditional CCTV video is usually not very clear, and face recognition may not be very easy in those older systems. Today with advanced technology, these Video Security Systems have now come up with high definition cameras which are capable of recording video, at a very high resolution for easy recognition.

Increasingly, Video surveillance has become very useful for government and law enforcement departments, to assist in keeping order over the general population, while preventing illegal activities such as, theft, etc. A Video Security Systems is simply a camera that is used to look or observe an area of concern. For an individual, the area of interest may be the area outside the front door or exterior of the home; and for a shopping mall, the area of interest may be the entire exterior of the building including the parking lot! These cameras are connected to a recording device, which keeps recording video continuously for either on site or off site monitoring.

With the advancement of technology, almost everyone can afford a video camera, as the advancement in technology has made the prices cheaper, whereas earlier, video security devices used to be very expensive. These video surveillance systems are not very expensive, and almost all individuals and businesses can afford the Video Security Systems, if need be. Even the recording part has become easier with advancement in technology. You no longer require a tape to record the video. Now with computer technology, you can record the videos directly onto your hard disk. stay protected, get your video security system today.

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