Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is it possible to have a green conference call?

By Chad Otley

As every business is aware, the cost of almost everything is rising rapidly and one of the biggest rises in the last 12 months has been in fuel prices. Add to that the recent pressure on all businesses to reduce their carbon footprint plus the need to make cutbacks in expenditure and the problem becomes greater. For businesses with a scattered workforce, but which need to hold regular meetings, one solution is to replace face to face meetings with teleconferencing.

Teleconferencing, more popularly known as a conference call, is correctly described as an 'Audio Tele-Conference' or ATC. The participants taking part in a conference call can be individually administered with either listening or speaking rights and there is no maximum amount allowed for either category. Teleconferencing can be arranged using a standard landline connection or via VOIP (Skype or equivalent).

There are many providers of conference calls from which to choose, some offer their services free of charge whilst others operate a paid service. Free conference call providers will not usually offer recording facilities or a free call service (via a 0800 number) which could make the actual call costs prohibitive for long distance participants.

Chargeable Teleconferencing packages will usually offer both services at a fixed price, as well as PC and video sharing options, which will require the correct software for each participant, plus a user support service.

The expense in terms of lost productivity, refreshments, accommodation and fuel to enable several employees to attend a meeting is somewhat prohibitive when compared to the cost of organising a conference call. Teleconferencing is one of the easiest methods of communication in real-time and it can prove to be just as effective as an attended meeting, if well planned and organised.

There appears to be few disadvantages with modern teleconferencing, which with the use of modern technology has become a reliable form of communication. The most likely issues are breaks in transmission or phone line interference and although this rarely occurs it is wise to have an alternative to hand to avoid an abortive meeting.

Without the benefit of actually seeing the speaker, body language or other cues are missing so it is important to speak clearly and unambiguously for the benefit of other participants. Voices may be distorted through the phone line so each speaker should identify themselves and ask for a respondent by name to avoid any confusion.

Modern teleconferencing certainly has a greater number of advantages than disadvantages. The type of conference call service used will depend on individual business needs, but there is no doubt that using this method to replace all or just a few face-to-face business meetings can mean saving a good amount of money in terms of both travelling and employee costs as well as other business expenses like hiring a meeting room or providing accommodation for long distance participants.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep Connected With Your Busienss Partners With Video Conference Service

By Kyleigh L. Bleicher

There is actually no hesitation that you may look for you video conference service on the Internet. Just like every more necessary items that you may purchase outdoors, video conference service may also be found online. This service is actually necessary in our working world these days, specifically for commercial as well as even industrial company. Even homes need this type of hardware.

Getting video clip conferencing will certainly allow businesses to get to their global audience and would let them receive a better contact with their customers. There is actually no need to allocate funds for travel expenditures since this will definitely cut that purpose. You and the particular viewers can easily merely deal the own business without the traveling hence it is going to eliminate the prices and time, allowing your business to profit even more. And who might have actually thought that this service was actually simply supplied for large businesses back in the days? At this time, everybody can receive their own video conferencing service if they choose. Some recognized celebrities even get this type of service right in their own home and you could as well if you want to.

If you are actually one of these companies hunting for your own service company, you are going to realize that there are actually diverse companies that may assist you in delivering the video conferencing. Many suppliers can easily furnish you with different types of packages depending on the tool to be actually used and the time span of the service. However don't be actually excited to merely sign up with the primary service provider you discovered. Make a right research on the Web so that you can easily the appropriate service supplier you will need. And because there are actually a load of businesses furnishing such service to small, middle as well as substantial businesses, better find a company that strives to handle customer fulfillment even if they are known to providing the leading service to their faithful customers.

Accomplish not forget the own demands as well as wants when in search for the right supplier. If conceivable you really should assess your own as well as your businesses monthly call requirement and exactly how much you put in for it. This will certainly help you assess the finances as well as the type of service carrier to obtain. You must also discover a supplier that gives a dependable costumer support. Find out if they supply a round the clock consumer care and supplies the most up conferencing modern technology.

Accomplish not sign up easily since there are so countless service carriers that might choose to service you. Assess the different video conference service offers they receive as well as consistently seek for every hidden prices and upgrade facilities they may provide you in the future. Locate a service company that will give you a even cost by having no hidden charges and provides limitless usage so that you can save the trouble of being cognizant of the moment and cash when making calls.

Even if you have a modest business as well as can not spend a lot for this, quest for a company that can provide you inexpensive seminar call services for unrestricted individuals. Do not just decide on one since of their lowest conference call price. Yet constantly go for a company that furnishes wonderful elements even for a fair rate.

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