Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips For Choosing Webinar Software

By Ken Morrison

Webinar software is a lot more common these days than it was before. A growing number of companies are using it for broadcasting to an increasingly dispersed workforces that cannot be asked to be present in the office for meetings. There are various features that make this software a lot more effective for other reasons as well.

The cost is, of course, the prime factor. Companies are right to be wary of IT solutions and products that are considered outdated even before they can be unwrapped. But these fears are unjustified in this case, where it is possible to have a hosted solution with a flat fee to be paid per month or year.

This also means there's no need for in-house hardware or installation, maintenance and training. It can be accessed by all of the company's users through a web browser or mobile device. This makes it a cheap solution that is easy to implement and use.

Desirable features include application and desktop sharing, A/V support for multimedia content and live webcams, etc. These features will allow for interactive meetings instead of just a one-way presentation. So whether it is a team effort to debug a program or a PowerPoint presentation to discuss a new plan, it should be possible to hash it out online.

Another consideration is the need for an archiving system. Going paperless is a popular and eco-friendly concept these days, so everything has to be stored in an indexed digital format, and it has to be searchable. This in turn means that the software has to have a secure database where every last byte of data from all the webinars is stored.

There are numerous providers offering solutions with all these and other features. The point, of course, is to choose one which is reputed and provides 24/7 service and support. That narrows it down considerably, and it shouldn't be hard to choose a webinar software from the handful that fulfill every criteria.

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