Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Implementing Los Angeles Voip Into Your Business

By John S. Bridwell

Los Angeles voip phone systems are becoming more and more popular with business in California. Therefore, the phone system Los Angeles is set up in a very untraditional way and efficient way. The use of Los Angeles unified communications will greatly improve the overall effectiveness of any business.

When you buy traditional services from a normal company they use copper wiring to connect you to their mainframe. Meaning, if you want to be able to have more than one line at a time to chat on, you have to have that many lines of copper. The phone company assigns a phone number to that line, one of a limited number that are available to that central business.

The phone system Los Angeles is beyond farther evolved the other companies. A Los Angeles voip program is totally different. You specify a phone number that you want, which can be local to any city in the US. The telephone lines in your business's office are no doubt connected to the internet and the Los Angeles voip companies switch are able to connect to your company through the internet. In view of the fact that Los Angeles voip company switch is incorporated in the vast internet with a fixed IP address, your telephones can be used anywhere the internet can be logged on to. When a call arrives in on your number, the Los Angeles voip switch is programmed to answer with a prerecorded message and then to ring to certain extensions or combination of extensions. The Los Angeles voip switch can also be set up to forward calls to your home telephone, cell phone, anywhere.

Since the telephones are connected to the Los Angeles voip switch, when any telephone line is in use it can carry out operations and the switch will simultaneously know from the signals sent out. Some operations of the phones connected to systems are transferring the call to a another line, turning it into a multiple line conference call, bring in an outside call to it, forward the call to a voice mail, the list goes on and on. When callers are placed on hold, the Los Angeles voip switch can play songs or an advertising message of your choice.

If you're a person who is always connected to the internet then the feature of Los Angeles voip is great, you can be emailed instantly when you receive a voice message. Having a Los Angeles Unified Communications telephone system as you can see is a great way to make your company more smoothly and have much happier employees.

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