Friday, January 18, 2013

What Ethernet Networks Can Bring Us This Coming Year

By Emily Collins

2012 saw a number of rapid and radical evolutions within technologies such as the ethernet network and VoIP telephony. Where once we relied on simple voice calls, we now don't think anything of using services such as Skype and Facetime to keep in touch with people spread around the world.

Where we would once rely on face to face meetings, we can use technology to arrange video conferences, webinars and enjoy various other ways of managing business. What are the technological progressions we can look forward to in 2013?

Perhaps one of the technologies that has most benefited from developments in the ethernet network is the smart phone. It's certainly a technology that we rely on the most and almost everyone owns one of these clever devices, which allow us to be occupied and on call wherever we may be.

What can we expect from smart phones in 2013? One theory is in the following year we will start to see phones that have bendy screens. These devices will be able to stand up to bending, twisting and the general knocks and blows of everyday life.

As well as the growth of the smart phone, the tablet has truly taken off and looks set to be even bigger in 2013. Technology is now able to be a great deal more portable thanks to the ethernet network, and with plenty of applications you can store your whole life with you on a tablet. Everything from your books and music collection, to your fitness routine and bank balance can be accessed by an ethernet network whether you are in the world. Perhaps the real advantage is when it comes to sharing items or photographs. In 2012, the sharing of photo streams became a reality and this is only set to become easier and more popular in 2013.

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