Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Communicate With A Loved One When Away For Valentine's Day

By Emily Collins

Valentine's Day is the time you want to be with your loved one. Even if you spend every single day of the year with them, there's something so magical about being with them on February 14th that if you cannot due to work or prior commitments, it can be a saddening time not to be with them physically. But thanks to unified communications, you can be closer than you think, even if you are not in the same country or time zone.

Britannic thinks that a good old fashioned phone conversation is a necessity on Valentine's Day, even if you're planning to see them that evening. It's a nice one to show your loved one that your thinking of them and them only, which can bring even more excitement to the day.

You can send a few texts and emails throughout the day too to keep the excitement building. It's a great way to stay in touch without feeling the pressure and a chance to really think about what you want to say to your special someone.

When apart from a loved one, chat or instant messenger is a great way to stay in contact. The 'instant' element gives the impression that they are in the room with you and is a nice change from chatting on the phone. You might be surprised to see that the person you are chatting to is more forthcoming with their feelings or emotions on instant messenger. This means that it is sometimes much easier to say all the things that you want to over the phone or in person.

Video conferencing is one of Britannic Technologies best products. This gives you the ability to chat face to face with someone even when they're in a different country. It genuinely feels that you're in the room with that person and is ideal for those that have to spend Valentine's Day apart. You can see what they're wearing and even 'cheers' each other in a special toast.

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