Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Business Telephone System

By Karl Donaldson

Current technology is accelerating constantly and it is one of the main features of the 21st century. Since the telephone's invention in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone has affected the way the world connects. We can effortlessly now communicate with friends and family abroad, conduct meetings by means of telephones such as CISCO's Telepresence system, transmit hyperlinks, video recordings, images and meld multiple telephone calls into 1. [ V:11 ]

Consequently, it is important that pretty much every business considers upgrading their business phone system to make the most of these brand-new kinds of technologies.

By upgrading to a new telephone system, it communicates that your business is open to staying up to date with technological advances. A recent report announced that, a synchronised phone system may help save an average of two hours weekly lost on managing on-hold telephone calls.

Telephone calls are commonly the first impression a consumer obtains of your company. If their call is not taken care of in a prompt way the consumer is not happy. Big business typically deal with this issue with electronic telephone systems, however this is not what clients want. People want their phone calls dealt with a timely manner by a real human being.

Telephone equipment firms such as Cisco provide modern business telephone systems that supply the following;

1. Holding of a number of phone calls at the same time.

2. Multiple telephone calls to be handled simultaneously.

3. The scope to combine all phones distributed within the company under a single phone number.

4. Merge a number of telephone calls into one.

With this range of features firms have the ability to effortlessly deal with a consumer's call in timely way, while offering them the familiarity of an individual's voice. But, that's not all the Cisco Business Phone systems supply.

Meetings are important to any kind of company and thus present day technology has developed a technique to go beyond the concerns of time and place by using devices like Cisco's Telepresence.

Products such as Teleprescence enable staff members to perform video calls where they can incorporate charts, diagrams, designs, file share and graphics whilst at the same time talking with an entire boardroom. Systems like Apple's Facetime run in a comparable way too.

Advantages of Teleprescence derived systems consist of;.

a) Employees do not have to travel to conferences which means reduced travel costs.

b) Person-to-person communication is still possible.

c) Conference phones remove work place disruption by way of bringing all important employees together simultaneously.

d) Allows you to record your video discussions and multi-media demonstrations for live and on-demand accessibility.

e) When a co-worker is away they can still take part in the meeting using Teleprescence.

f) Easy to contact fellow staff members with information, video recordings, files, etc.

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