Saturday, May 28, 2011

Voip - Making Cheap Calls Possible

By Roger Gray

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, made it possible for you to use your PC at home or at work to have conversation. From your VOIP service provider, VOIP uses the broadband connection on your computer and software in order to make a call. The good news is that if you make a call to someone using the same service provider, the call does not cost you anything.

First, look closely at what you want to use the service for before you choose a service provider since each VOIP service offer slightly different features. For example, if you want to use VOIP to call a mobile phone, your service must have a mobile application. A popular and well known VOIP service is Skype and it offers a smartphone application as well as applications for the Blackberry and iPhone. The caller that you are connection with needs to download the application so that he can benefit from the free call facility.

You can also use VOIP services to call non-VOIP users at much lower rates than normal landline calls. VOIP has become popular with individuals who have family abroad as well as business who trade globally because of this reason. Limiting your call times is what some VOIP providers will do and they will also disconnect you after the limit has been reached. When you reconnect, you will be charged again.

VOIP is not only used for voice calls, and most service providers have video call facilities as well. Video calls to other Skype users are free on Skype. You will need a webcam in order to use the video call facility. Conference calls are also available on VOIP, again at little or no cost. This is extremely useful for business use, but also great for family chats when members are scattered across the globe.

The quality of the VOIP service is essential due to the fact that there are services having problems with calls being dropped. Video can lag or appear choppy if the service is not good. Researching the various service providers online will help you get an idea of which service provider is best for your requirements.

VOIP can work through the internal microphone on your PC or laptop but if you want your conversations to be kept private, then it is advisable to get a headset with a mike and earphones. Most VOIP software has a variety of service arrangements available to pay for services that due incur charges and they are also free to download.

VOIP offers alternative landline calls that are extremely affordable. It is ideal for businesses that have international branches, suppliers or customers as well as for individuals with friends and family out of state. If both parties have the same VOIP provider, calls are free.

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