Monday, May 16, 2011

My Millionaire Mentor 2011 - A Blueprint to Help You Be An Online Success

By Mathilda Devone

You probably have not heard of Michael Cheney before today but he is a seasoned and prosperous online marketer who has just introduced his My Millionaire Mentor 2011 program. Regardless of your current level of IM proficiency, this man would appear like the ideal mentor to help you move forward in your online business ventures.

The message we get from his video is that Michael Cheney got off to a terrible start in life but managed to turn himself around and become the successful person he is today by diligence and being determined. This is relevant in the sense that he has the desire to convey that it is possible to succeed if you model the right methods and mindset required to generate money online. Indeed, he acknowledges that he struggled for a long time before realizing he had to learn from someone who was actually building a successful business online. So that is exactly what he did and why he is wanting to do the same for others.

This review aims to share with you what My Millionaire Mentor 2011 is because the sales page for the product does have some hype, as many sales letters do, and in some ways this can detract from what is really in the training. The training program itself consists of a combination of basic videos followed by audio training that comes with transcripts of the audios. The sessions are what he refers to as cash catchers and they're essentially a a good look into how his mind works and how he approaches different aspects of internet marketing. Is success online partly a state of mind? This question is not commonly addressed but may help explain why there are people who have good and bad experiences with online marketing. But in this program, you can expect to learn about the importance of being mentally and motivational set to succeed online. Next, he discloses how to implement the mindset effectively to his specific money making methods, which are employed in affiliate marketing or eventually becoming your own product vendor.

An important part of the mental 'vision for success' is to scale up the business and this program shows ways how this might be accomplished like outsourcing some of the work. This program does not address all the nitty-gritty technical things that you can expect to come across which are tackled extensively elsewhere on the web for which he gives references. It is a valuable insight into how you have to think and approach online marketing if you want success.

As with any program, you do need to take action if you want to see the sort results that Michael Cheney has achieved. You could do a lot worse than to use My Millionaire Mentor 2011 as a stepping stone to creating a prosperous online business.

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