Sunday, September 23, 2012

How A Hosted Phone System Can Affect The Firm's Customers

By Brain D. Cassin

Companies using a hosted IP PBX provider can pass the benefits on to their customers. The system allows for cheaper calling both within the office and organization, and also when dialing externally. Anything that happens in a business to save it money will create a better environment for the customer as it means more funds will be available. Additional money can be used to improve other sections of the business and also work on the product being sold, as well as keeping the costs low for those buying it. Anyone with an interest in the business will notice if there is a growth in investment.

The customer will notice other differences too once a company makes the change from their current landline provider to the hosted phone system. The company can put the savings into a greater number of staff to answer calls, or can just use the in-built settings to make the caller experience quicker and more satisfactory. In short, the customer will get answered more hastily and will leave happier. This is the basic aim of any company, as this will certainly lead to more sales in the long run.

The hosted PBX system benefits even stretch to the staff working in the offices. There is no better way to improve the running of the company than by making those working for it happier and more satisfied with their conditions. A good phone system can increase productivity through quicker communications and clearer answers. The system also eradicates the need for certain mundane tasks, leaving more space in the day to work on better things. This time can then be better used elsewhere, giving them more varied jobs that will go directly back into the profits of the company.

Even emotional benefits can be achieved by switching to a hosted PBX system, and this is a very common advantage of this change. When times are hard or money is low, there can be increased of tension between executives, managers, staff and even the customers who are demanding more. Even by saving 25% on their costs each month, a company can lower this tension by a quarter. The savings can be anything up to 50%, which can total thousands every year - this is enough to improve the staff lunch area, increase pay or hire someone new and take some stress off others.

Networking matters to a company. Anything that is not working well in a business will be magnified in front of customer, showing the strain and weakness of the team and product. Anything that can be done to pacify these upsets should be done immediately, including the phone system. This is one of the reasons that over twenty five percent of all US businesses have started to see VoIP as a valid option for their phone network.

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