Friday, May 10, 2013

Webinar Software Attributes And Options

By Ken Morrison

Internet conferencing software is useful for companies in need of a top-down and cost effective solution for web conferencing. Simply put, the organizer wants to provide information on the web live and simultaneously to multiple recipients, like conference calls on the telephone or slide show presentations in person. The recipients here should be able to participate with questions, polls, etc.

It's not so hard to select the right product or service, because there aren't too many which are affordable and reputed. Out of the ones that do fulfill these basic criteria, a customer should choose based on a few key attributes that are necessary in good webinar software. Here's a listing of these attributes that might be helpful.

For starters, it should only have a one time purchase fee as a product or an annual charge as a hosted service. Any product/service that involves hefty monthly payments or a metered fee structure based on usage is bound to prove costly. The basic aim of web conferencing is to save money and time when participants are in geographically distant locations, so it doesn't really help if the product is not cost-effective.

Also important is the ease of use and installation. If it is a web-based service, then there shouldn't be any installation process because it will simply run in a browser. If it is a desktop based application, then it should be lightweight without any integration or connectivity problems.

Other than this, some companies will also need some advanced support, such as desktop or application sharing between participants, and the ability to stream video. This will help each participant demonstrate or join in on the project, instead of it being a simple discussion. Webcam support for live video would make the application very useful.

Another key feature for web conferencing software that is useful in a corporate environment is the ability to record everything. In the online and paperless age, digital records are extremely important. A company has to follow an established protocol for recording online meetings and make sure the product or service chosen is able to provide compliance.

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