Saturday, February 9, 2013

Video Conferencing Equipment Allows Your Company To Be More Eco friendly

By Paul Fraser

Installing video conferencing equipment saves on travel costs, but there are ecological savings too. In addition, companies can work smarter and make more money when they install video conferencing equipment.

There are various reasons that explain why your company would wish to install modern, top quality video conferencing hardware in each of your conferencing rooms and in other key facilities, but have you thought about how much more eco friendly your company may become if it relied more on videoconferencing and less on travel?

There's little question that video conferencing is a step up from a telephone conferencing call, but it's also a step up in terms of ecological responsibility from going to a meeting that would have been effectively handled without going anywhere.

Once, some in business shunned videoconferencing. Today, the bias that some older executives had against videoconferencing has vanished as equipment has improved. Jerky movements, poor sound quality and frequent, mysterious breakups are things of the past.

Reduce Travel And Save Resources

Perhaps it is very clear that reducing the amount of travel your employees have to endure saves money, and it saves a company in so many other ways.

First, it saves on time lost at the airport, on planes and in vehicles. It also saves on personal time the staff lose when they are required to stay overnight in different city rather than returning to their families after their day of work. The benefits of having video conferencing equipment installed and ready to be used at a second's notice involve more than just savings, naturally. Branches can also collaborate more frequently at a smaller expense, making allowances for better communication among your employees.

And a client who also has video conferencing apparatus can talk with you the moment he or she spots a problem. There's no travel delay and no need to requisition a rental vehicle or train ticket from their finance department.

Going Beyond Travel Savings

The savings go past the simple, however.

In-person conferences require the utilisation of a lot of time, money and other resources to plan and pull off efficiently. Nonessential travel creates carbon emissions that would have been avoided, but an in-person meeting creates an entire world of paperwork, foam cups and paper plates that don't have to be used if nobody is going anywhere. Never mind the price of providing meals, refreshments and other facilities for those that visit your company. All of that money and all of those resources create trash, pollution and waste.

That just is not a smart, ecologically friendly way to do business.

Even better, video conferences can be recorded, so absent employees can review the tape when they return, almost permitting them to be in 2 places at once. Recording also implies that less people can attend a meeting in the first place as the recording can be shown to anyone who needs the information obtained in the meeting.

Just as importantly, those that don't need the information do not need to spend time sitting around in a meeting that turns out not to be of some use to them.

Video conferencing for today's modern office provides benefits, savings and opportunities beyond the obvious. With the right equipment installed in the right spots, a company can become more productive and make more profit while saving money รข€" and saving the world too.

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