Saturday, November 24, 2012

Virtual numbers- the need of today's business

By Michael Framer

Virtual numbers are the key to business growth and important for security.

Virtual number is giving you the option of attending all business calls and ensures that the best conferencing service price is availed for this wonderful service for placing every call in the right hand.

The virtual numbers are a type of phone number that is not attached to any phone line directly. It gives the way by which one can hide their identity in the corporate world. These numbers are not given by the local phone company and these are generally purchased on monthly rental basis. For such numbers you have to pay some extra fees to the virtual numbers provider.

Excellent illustrations of the numbers are 1-800. Now-a-days too many business corporate are using these numbers. Business communities and corporate are using these numbers. Virtual number is useful for industries like internet based consulting, home based, virtual businesses and any kind of startups.

There are several advantages related to virtual numbers are:

1. Call divert facility

One can manage the calls by using these numbers in a very effective manner and the desired way. These numbers come with the option of multiple extensions for the convenience of the users. In other words, various extensions are available for the same number. An automatic answering machine is connected to these numbers which also facilitates the users of services in a numerous ways. Various corporations are giving information and greeting their clients with the help of this automatic facility. This type of facility helps the business users to avail the important information before the personal meetings with the client.

2. Call forwarding facility

These numbers come with the facility of call forwarding. The user who is using the service can forward calls to someone else. This is of great use for mobile professionals. They can get important calls from their office to their mobile phone when they are not present in the office. In addition to this, a call to virtual number can be forwarded to any of the home phone, mobile phone, VIP phone or anywhere on the globe. Even if some client leaves voice messages to such virtual number then it is converted into an audio file and mailed to the owner of virtual number.

In addition to this, the virtual number gives an incredible privacy and security to the owner as well as the information about the best conferencing service price can be known after a little research. These numbers give a worthwhile technology to the business owner who wants to use a phone on a daily basis. These are the best way to keep privacy of your mobile phone and landline. The virtual number allows a business individual to give a non-personal phone number.

You may be thinking that what is the point in hiding the number? The answer is that it is easy to track a person through personal number. The caller can easily dig out your personal information such as home location etc.

Virtual number is given another facility called as Call announces. It provides the information about the person giving a call. One can easily decide to pick the call or not. The service helps in tracking and blocking numbers too.

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