Thursday, July 5, 2012

Maximize Effective Conferencing by Training Conference Callers

By James Crutch

Conference Calls are a great way to organize meetings or events between people at different locations. It is considered to be one of the best methods to allow people at remote locations to interact with each other.

Businesses need an enthusiastic and dedicated work force focused more and more on their quality of work. And if a company has offices worldwide, it becomes a challenge for the company to get all its employees on the same page. The rising number of virtual employees has forced these companies to adopt new cost effective ways to communicate. Therefore, they've begun to meet via various electronic applications such as VoIP phones, Unified instant messaging, and conferencing, which include Tele, Web and Videoconferencing.

With these methods in place, events and meetings should be simple and quick to start with and flawless and error-free. These should all be in real-time with minimum delay. One of the key concerns while using conferencing is the fidelity of the call. Companies commonly use a specialized telecom service provider who maintains the conference bridge, or who provides the phone numbers and PIN codes that members can dial to access the meeting or conference call. With the suitable and apt conferencing solution, smooth and effective multi person response can be achieved, thus making remote conferencing a trouble-free process for listeners and talkers.

Once in a while the process of doing business or making deals via a conference call can be frustrating. Despite of all the efforts to make the conference calls user-friendly, a number of factors can cause poor quality of conference calls. Some of these issues are described below:

In spite of giving a time with a meeting request, people do not show up for the calls. People forget to put their phones on mute when not speaking. This creates un-necessary background noise. Lack of acquaintance with equipment and technology could also be an issue. When the call is multi-person, there is high probability of 2 people speaking at the same time. Sometimes there's a deficiency of a moderator or a host. Occasionally there is poor management by the call-initiator. And, lastly sometimes people forget that they are in conference call. There is a lack of familiarity with manners and etiquettes.

Despite all the reasons contributing to a poor quality conference call, our businesses still need cost effective venues to share ideas without face-to face meetings. We cannot ignore the problems. The only way to improve conference calls is to improve conference callers. Let's not make the mistakes that annoy us when others do them.

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