Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Video Conferencing Software Is Growing In Its Popularity

By Belle Florentine

Among the newest features that is showing up in more video conference software is the survey. With traditional meetings, participants would certainly raise their hands when asked a question. Unfortunately, this is a very inaccurate way to gauge audience sentiment since a lot of people will only raise their hands after other people have done so.

For this reason an online component is a lot more useful since participants can't observe how others have voted. Only when everyone has voted can the participants see the total results of laptop computer. For instance, this is often a very useful and honest method to gauge if the audience feels that the presenter is going through the material too slowly or too rapidly.

Generally, video conference software is browser based. In the past, users needed to spend some time installing and configuring a thick client to be able to join a web-based meeting. It will take many minutes or more for that setup from the software to be completed. Users often become frustrated once they have no idea which settings to make use of. Many of these problems have gone away with the implementation of browser based software.

With the browser based software, the consumer simply clicks a link to join the meeting. The web site will settle if or not the web browser has already installed the meeting software. Otherwise, cellular phone will be performed automatically. As long as the consumer permits the downloaded software to operate, everything else will occur properly without anyone's knowledge.

Today, companies are searching for ways to spend less. One of them would be to reduce unnecessary travel cost including flights and lodging in order to attend a meeting. With video conferencing services, it is possible to see everyone and participate in the meeting in a way that is the same as showing up live without assuming the expense of travel.

The program has come a long way. It is possible to see participants as well as the meeting materials like a PowerPoint presentation. Most people find that going with video conferencing is almost just like turning up in-person in the meeting. The big difference would be that the company saves thousands of dollars in travel costs.

One of the best reasons for video conference software is that it permits people to become anywhere in the world but still participate in a conference. The only requirement is that there should be a higher speed Web connection to be able to participate. In many industrialized countries and in many Western hotels, this isn't an issue.

There are many cases when it is necessary to hold a meeting on very short notice. There would not be time to have the people assemble in-person due to the time it takes to travel. That is when video conferencing over the web is the best and only option available. That's why it's advantageous to hold meetings over the web.

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