Thursday, March 31, 2011

See Tv On Line Fast

By Adrian Swieboda

There are things which people used to live with, nonetheless resigning from them does not seem to be a problem. However, there are also things which people cannot imagine living without. One of such things is television.

Surprisingly, because - as a whole - it still is quite a new invention. About two decades ago all the TVs were black and white and only one channel was to "choose from". Nevertheless, people have managed to use to television so much that now they don't see a life without sitcoms, movies, and - even - TV commercials.

What's quite interesting, these same people complain on advertisements in TV and - if left without any of them - feel weird. There certainly is a compromise needed. Otherwise, people would be going to complain anyway. And the more and more common problem is addiction to TV. More and more often people do not pay attention to what they're watching if only there's a thing turned on.

Sitcoms, commercials, comedies, movies - whatever. TV-dependency becomes more and more problematic, however a part of this phenomenon is going to be taken over by the Internet quickly. Especially when it's possible to see tv on line. People prefer media that require nothing from them and so is the TV. No interaction, no involvement - couldn't be better.

However, there still is a need to change channels personally, nonetheless specialists are already working on automatically changing channels, as well.

Unfortunately, even the irony is not going to change anything. People - regardless of what they think - become more and more TV-dependent. If they're far from traditional TV, they can see tv on line. If there's no internet connection, there must be the TV.

It's not to say that traditional or internet television is bad for people. It's one of these positive things which - if overused - become truly unpleasant. People, staying in front of TV for whole their days, lose their friends, social lives, and so on and so forth.

As a consequence, television becomes their only friend. Maybe that's another argument for choosing online TV? With unrestrained number of channels to choose from, people might watch only what they're truly interested in. On the other hand, trying to see tv on line, they can find it difficult to decide which channel to choose and - thereupon - watch everything they happen to turn on. No good option, after all.

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